The Mutant Hound is one of the mutated wildlife found in Miscreated.

Overview Edit

Behavior Edit

The Mutant Hound may be found wandering around random locations throughout Orca Island.

When provoked, a Mutant Hound will continue to attack until it perishes, or kills its target. The Mutant Hound will not follow its target indefinitely - it will stop attacking and return to its spawn point once its target is out of its follow range.

Unlike Wolves, Mutant Hounds roam alone and do not travel in packs. They may sometimes be found accompanying Brute mutants.

Appearance Edit

"The Mutant Hound is the unfortunate outcome of man's best friend becoming man's worst enemy."

The Mutant Hound is a two-headed mutant quadruped. Judging from the loot found on its carcass, it can be implied that the Mutant Hound is a mutated version of the wolf. Its mutations have caused it to be stripped almost completely of its skin, with of its muscle tissue visible throughout its body.

Combat Edit

General Edit

In combat, the Mutant Hound charges towards its enemies and attacks with bites, doing 10% of damage to health per hit.

Strategy Edit

  • When attacking with any weapon, always aim for any of the Mutant Hound's heads for maximum damage
    • Mutant Hounds can be killed with a single headshot from most ranged weapons

Dangers Edit

  • Mutant Hounds are very fast creatures, easily outrunning a player at full sprint
  • A provoked Mutant Hound may alert nearby mutants to the player's position

Weaknesses Edit

  • The Mutant Hound's two heads double its head hitbox area, making headshots slightly easier to achieve
  • Mutant Hounds cannot jump or climb over obstacles
    • Players may climb obstacles to easily keep out of reach of a Mutant Hound
  • Unlike most mutants, Mutant Hounds do not possess any form of ranged attacks

Loot Edit

A Mutant Hound carcass will always contain the following:

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