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A Nuclear Flash Freeze, often referred to as a Nuclear Winter, is an extreme weather phenomenon.


A Nuclear Flash Freeze is one of the randomly selected weather patterns in Miscreated. It is characterised by a surge in radiation levels, accompanied by the loss of direct sunlight and a rapid drop in temperature, causing a build up of ice and snow.

Nuclear Flash Freezes are very dangerous. Players without adequate protective gear and/or shelter are exposed to freezing temperatures and dangerous amounts of radiation.

Each Nuclear Flash Freeze lasts for about 5 minutes.


Players who own a Survivotron VI will receive an audio cue in the form of audible clicks. The Survivotron VI also comes with a built-in Geiger counter, which players may use to monitor radiation levels.

As a flash freeze approaches, an audible rumble may be heard, followed by a steady drop in temperature and rise in radiation levels. Players can use this initial warning period to seek shelter, or to gear up in preparation for the flash freeze.

Diving underwater or seeking refuge in houses, bases, and vehicles provide shelter from radiation . Sewers, caves, bunkers, and cellars provide the best protection against radiation during a Nuclear Flash Freeze.

Players should stock up on AntiRad Pills and/or AntiRad Mushrooms. Potassium Iodide Pills offer resistance against radiation, and should be taken prior to exposure to the latter.


  • After the end of every weather pattern, a new one is selected at random
    • The Nuclear Flash Freeze has a 2.0% chance of occurring
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