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Orca Island is an Official Map featured in Miscreated.


Orca Island is one of the regions where the game Miscreated is set in. It is a small island, with a land area of about 64km² (8km x 8km), separated from the Mainland to the north.

It is unknown where Orca Island is located on the world map, although the island's co-ordinates, architectural influence, as well as its items, vehicles and weapons, suggest it is located somewhere in North America.


Orca Island consists of rugged terrain, with mountains, hills, and valleys surrounding most of its major settlements. The island appears to have a humid continental climate, with coniferous trees dominating most of its forests.


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Orca Island receives precipitation in the form of rain and snow, with the occasional fog rolling in. However, due to the effects of the Final War, the island is also plagued by acid rain, radiation storms, and nuclear winters.


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