Patch #15 - 03/12/2015 Edit

Game Edit

  • Fixed inventory items not being saved/restored when exiting game.
  • Fixed new players not seeing recently added items in a vehicle's inventory.
  • Fixed duplicating items in vehicle's inventory.
  • Removed dark fog shadows.
  • Several animations updated/adjusted.

World Edit

  • Added movement to trees
  • Added wind emitters so vegetation moves more - makes world not so static looking

Vehicles Edit

  • Updated quad bike with correct light position
  • Updated quad bike so it doesn't flip over as easily - especially when braking
  • Vehicles can now be repaired using the lug wrench
  • Adjusted damage caused to vehicles - takes more to destroy them now

Items Edit

  • Lug wrench can now be used to repair vehicles. Does no damage to players or AI.
  • Fixed recipes for shroom/healing bandage and antiseptic bandage.
  • Flare duration changed to two minutes, increased velocity, reduced light radius.
  • All chemlights should now last the full 15 minutes as originally intended.

Sounds Edit

  • Changed shotgun to use correct unequip sound in first person mode.
  • Removed shotgun server wide select sound.
  • Removed server wide vehicle sounds
  • VoIP now uses the correct seat location for passengers in vehicles.
  • Added river sounds

UI Edit

  • Inventory UI updated with new look.
  • Added missing AT-15 inventory icon.
  • Color of weight text will be altered based on amount carried.
  • Fixed UI hang when moving items in a vehicle's inventory.
  • New VoIP icons added to better indicate current state.

Models/Textures Edit

  • Cables added to many of the utility poles.
  • Removed physics from military tent ropes so they don't stop players/vehicles.
  • Some static cans updated with new look to distinguish them from usable items.
  • Many more materials updated/adjusted/optimized (ongoing process).
  • Removed rim from static wheels in the world to make it more obvious which one is used on vehicles.
  • Water bottle model updated.
  • Shotgun textures have slightly higher resolution.
  • Textures fixed on the stock of the .22 rifle.
  • Optimized burning particle effect from jerry cans.
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