Patch #19 - 04/17/2015 Edit

Game Edit

There has been a lot of improvements in this patch to the entire map to reduce the number of objects potentially being drawn to reduce VRAM usage and drawcalls. This is an ongoing process and more will be done in future updates as well.

  • Game install scripts will attempt to automatically add exceptions for the game exe files to the windows firewall.
  • Can now use the "Join Game" feature in Steam to join a friend's server automatically
  • Fixed rare VoIP server crash
  • Adjusted the third person camera when exiting a vehicle
  • Increased chance for rain and fog weather patterns to occur
  • Decreased damage multipliers for player's arms and legs

Items Edit

All of the ranged weapons have now had their mechanics adjusted. We will continue to adjust them as needed, but let us know on our forums if you have anything specific you believe needs to be addressed with them.

  • The shotgun damage mechanics were altered a lot to balance it out more
  • The fire rate of the 9mm pistol and the revolver have been decreased so they can no longer be used as miniguns
  • Adjusted the ammo for the Carlington so it shouldn't appear in game when added it
  • Adjusted the weight of some melee weapons to balance them out better
  • Adjusted movement modifiers for some weapons
  • Added initial explosion particle effect for the jerry can, so it looks better
  • Thrown items will now be thrown in the proper direction and their thrown origin adjusted
  • Minor change to the flare gun so when shot the projectile stays in the air longer
  • Adjusted spawn chances for 9mm magazines

UI Edit

  • Added screen effect for radiation
  • Fixed the keybind image, so it now shows the Start/Stop engine keybind
  • Updated splash screen and main menu backgrounds

Map Edit

  • Initial work started on area North of Northern gas station in Sultan (the one across the river)
  • Area opened across the river from the racetrack
  • New 24-Hour style shopping mart added to Woodhaven and Brightmor

AI Edit

  • The material and textures for Spiker were adjusted to look better for now

Animations Edit

  • Many animations for the player and weapons have been further adjusted and improved.
  • Weapons there were clipping into the players head when aiming have been fixed

Models/Textures Edit

  • Optimized House A prefab and fixed floating rubbish for it
  • Adjusted the material on the AT-15 so it looks less washed out
  • Stowpack backpack models have been replaced.
  • Altered look of more of the graffiti in the world
  • Toned down the brightness on speed limit signs
  • Minor adjustments to many other models and textures
  • Removed some problematic decals from prefabs that flickered a lot and improved other places the flickered
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