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Patch #39 - 09/05/2016[]


  • Updated the shader cache
  • Can sprint while crouched to move faster
  • Characters can only jump three times in a row, then they need to wait several seconds to jump again
  • The jump time and regeneration will be adjusted as needed in future updates - still WIP


  • Fixed a server hang issue
  • AI thrown rocks have been added to the damage logs when they hit a player


  • Moved item spawners away from a ladder in the small control room - couldn't pick items up
  • Hayward residential area is now completely open (Still WIP)
  • New shop interiors for a city building (2 versions Still WIP)
  • Opened some of the fences behind the residential house in Pinecrest for ease of access


  • Increased shotgun recoil
  • Fixed tactical shotgun ammo having incorrect pellet spread
  • Fixed tactical shotgun blurry ironsight DOF
  • Lowered tactical shotgun melee damage to match other shotgun


  • Added support for mutant packs/groups


  • Updates to the hints in the main menu


  • Police car added
  • Sedan's steering wheel now rotates when vehicle is turned


  • Updated particle effect on the torch
  • Carlington will now spawn with correct ammo pile
  • Fixed Renegade 700 so it can spawn with ammo
  • Fixed ironsight related issues for the crossbow, and fixes for firing the last bolt


  • Bullet sonic "crack" sounds will play when a supersonic round is fired in a player's direction
  • Adjusted ocean fade out distance
  • Elevator up/down sounds added
  • Pig idle sound adjusted
  • Swimming sound adjusted
  • Added sound effect when loading/unloading bolt from crossbow


  • Fixed dumpster you could get stuck inside of


  • Replaced baphomet graffiti with Red Sons Logo