Patch #4 - 11/01/2014 Edit

Game Edit

  • [ Updated ] Server performance optimizations. Should help with login times (black screen).
  • [ Fixed ] Fixed a few more locations where players can get trapped by fridges. The fridge thought your were food, and wanted to store you.
  • [ Fixed ] Many of the large rocks you can walk through have been replaced with a new look. Let me tell you, this look is rock solid!

User Interface Edit

  • [ Fixed ] Not being able to drag icons at times. It was such a total drag.

Items Edit

  • [ Fixed ] Removed most items that are not useful right now from the spawn system (i.e. nails, heating packs).

Materials/Models Edit

  • [ Fixed ] Flickering decals on the church. We have cleansed these foul decals!
  • [ Fixed ] Adjusted some materials to be less bright, so players won't try and pick them up as often. Everyone is attracted to "dem shiny bitz!"

Sounds Edit

  • [ Fixed ] Many more houses now have footstep sounds working in them. You better start tip-toeing!

World Edit

  • [ Updated ] Improved the supermarket prefab. You'll find the milk in aisle 3.
  • [ Updated ] Updates to Sultan around the supermarket. Renovations!
  • [ Updated ] Adjusted many player spawn locations so not everyone is trying to get items from the beach area.

AI Edit

  • [ Updated ] Deer health values and multipliers have been altered. They are fragile creatures of the wild, be gentle!
  • [ Updated ] Increased AI spawns. Run fast.

Spawns Edit

  • [ Updated ] The spawn system for items has been improved again. Get those backpacks strapped and ready!
  • [ New ] Several variations of existing items added. Not as many twins running around.
  • [ New ] Smaller backpack added.