Patch #8 - 11/25/2014 Edit

This patch is to address some of the server stability and client frame rate issues and does not contain any new content. It is the build we've been testing on the experimental server the last couple of days.

Game Edit

  • [ Fixed ] Server spawning in lots of weapons at once
  • [ Fixed ] Server physics crash from all the weapons spawning at once
  • [ Updated ] Synchronizing time reduced for normal server behavior (see below)

NOTE: There is still a lingering issue where the servers will randomly cause connecting clients to hang at the Synchronizing screen. This is another issue where we've asked for help from Crytek to try and figure out what is happening, so we can fix it as quickly as possible (we don't have access to a lot of the networking layer). Because of this issue, we will still be restarting the servers on a regular basis for now. If you do find a stuck server, please post in the Bug Reports section of the forums and we'll restart it as quickly as we can.

World Edit

  • [ Updated ] Reverted some changes that were made in Patch #7 to increase the frame rate back to where they were at previously