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The Patrick's Axe is a rare, named variant of the Axe. It is a melee weapon, and can only be equipped in a Primary Slot.


Patrick's Axe is a felling axe with a red axe head and a long wooden handle. Unlike the more common Axe, Patricks Axe has a darker axe head and handle, and may or may not have a 400 Lbs. Drunk Pink Starfish attached to its handle.

As a weapon, the Axe does 51% of damage to health for every hit, with a 100% chance of causing bleeding to its target. Patrick's Axe makes up for its low attack speed with its longer range and higher damage. It is one of, if not the only, melee weapon able to kill a common mutant in two hits.

Like the Axe, the Patrick's Axe may also be used to gather wood logs from trees. For every swing against a tree, the Axe yields a 100% chance of adding a log to the inventory.

Patrick's Axe is usually found in military structures such as army tents or barracks.