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The Pipebomb is a throwable weapon, as well as a crafting product. It can only be equipped in a Secondary Slot.


The Pipebomb is a craftable, improvised explosive device. It is made from the propellant of several Shotgun shells, used as the explosive material, and Nails used as improvised fragmentation shrapnel. The materials are encased in a small Metal Pipe, and held together by Duct Tape. A fuse with a short lead is inserted at the end of the pipe.

The Pipebomb is a timed explosive that detonates a few seconds after being thrown, causing wide area damage, with the potential of killing or wounding multiple players or mutants at once.

The Pipebomb is a crafting crafting product, and cannot be found through looting.


The following resources are required to craft the Pipebomb:


  • The Pipebomb was added to the game in Patch #28