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The Plot Sign is a placeable crafting product used in Base Building.


The Plot Sign is a Base Building component. It is a homemade wooden signboard, with the words "WARNING CLAIMED LAND!" written on the front in red paint.

The Plot Sign is the first thing that needs to be constructed in order to start building a base. Once a player deploys a Plot Sign, an area of 30 meters around it is reserved for that player, and their clan mates, to set down placeable items. Doing so prevents any other players outside of the clan from building around 200 meters of the placed Plot Sign.

Players will be able to build within 30 meters around the Plot Sign, and up to 9 meters above/below it. As long as any base part is placed within its range, a Plot Sign cannot be removed or destroyed.


To place the item, players will need to right-click the item in their inventories, and choose "Place". A preview of the item's placement will appear in front of the player's field of view, bound to the player's movement and direction.

Rotation of the part can be done by holding the Alt key, and moving the mouse side to side. If the placement of the item is suitable, the item will be highlighted in green. If the placement is invalid, the item will be highlighted in red.

Invalid placement locations (unless the server is whitelisted, and build anywhere is enabled):

  • Towns (and their immediate surrounding areas)
  • Buildings (excluding radio/water towers)
  • Caves
  • Within 200 meters of another player's base
  • On/above water


The following resources are required to craft the Plot Sign: