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The Propane Tank is a crafting component.



The Propane Tank is a gas canister which contains propane. It is a large, white, steel cylinder with a shielded valve at the top.

The Propane Tank is used primarily for crafting. However, it may also be used as a makeshift trap/weapon, which explodes when shot or sufficiently damaged.

Propane Tanks are usually found in industrial or residential areas.

Used as a Weapon[]

When a Propane Tank's health reaches 0%, it will explode, causing 50 damage to health for any player or mob caught within 2 meters of the blast. It has a maximum effective blast radius of 4 meters.

The explosion will also engulfs an area around it with flames, which causes burn damage at a rate of 3 hitpoints per second for 5 seconds.


The Propane Tank is required to craft the following items: