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The Puffy Jacket is a wearable item. It can only be equipped in the Jacket Slot.


The Puffy Jacket is a piece of clothing that is worn over the player's torso. It is a quilted, padded jacket that comes in several different styles and colours.

The Puffy Jacket provides resistance bonuses against the cold, as well as rain and humidity. However, its padded design traps heat, which may raise its wearer's core temperature in warmer environments.

The Puffy Jacket can be repaired by and/or broken down into a Repair Kit (Cloth Items).

The Puffy Jacket has an inventory slot capacity of 4. Puffy Jackets are usually found in residential areas, or in clothing stores.


Previews (click to enlarge)
PuffyJacketAmerica 2048.png
America Puffy Jacket
PuffyJacketBlack 2048.png
Black Puffy Jacket
PuffyJacketBlueWhite 2048.png
Blue And White Puffy Jacket
PuffyJacketCamo1 2048.png
Green Hunters Puffy Jacket
PuffyJacketCamo2 2048.png
Green Hex Puffy Jacket
PuffyJacketCamo3 2048.png
Green Woodland Puffy Jacket
PuffyJacketCanada 2048.png
Canada Puffy Jacket
PuffyJacketEaster 2048.png
Easter Puffy Jacket
PuffyJacketGold 2048.png
Gold Puffy Jacket
PuffyJacketGreenWhite 2048.png
Green And White Puffy Jacket
PuffyJacketGrey 2048.png
Grey Puffy Jacket
PuffyJacketGreyBlack 2048.png
Grey And Black Puffy Jacket
PuffyJacketGreyBlack2 2048.png
Grey And White Puffy Jacket
PuffyJacketKaki 2048.png
Khaki Puffy Jacket
PuffyJacketOrangeGreen 2048.png
Orange And Green Puffy Jacket
PuffyJacketOrangeTeal 2048.png
Orange And Teal Puffy Jacket
PuffyJacketOrangeWhite 2048.png
Orange And White Puffy Jacket
PuffyJacketPinkWhite 2048.png
Pink And White Puffy Jacket
PuffyJacketPurpleFushia 2048.png
Purple And Fucshia Puffy Jacket
PuffyJacketRedBlue 2048.png
Red And Blue Puffy Jacket
PuffyJacketRedWhite 2048.png
Red And White Puffy Jacket
PuffyJacketSilver 2048.png
Silver Puffy Jacket
PuffyJacketWhite 2048.png
White Puffy Jacket
PuffyJacketWhiteCamo1 2048.png
White Hunters Puffy Jacket