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Radiation is one of the many hazards in Miscreated.


Radiation is a harmful form of energy which causes damage to living tissue. Being irradiated is a negative status effect that increases in severity the more/longer the player is exposed to the source of the Radiation.

With the Survivotron VI, players can measure the level of radiation in the air, or of an item, in Sieverts per hour (Sv/h).


As a player is exposed to more Radiation, their vision turns increasingly grainy with a green tint. The level of exposure to radiation may be measured by the Radiation Status Bar, identified by a  StatsBar I27.png  icon, on the bottom-right corner of the player's Heads Up Display.

Increasing levels of Radiation will reduce the player's upper health regeneration cap. Radiation levels over 85% will cause the player to slowly lose health. Once the Radiation bar reaches 100%, any additional exposure to Radiation received gets converted to health damage.

Up to 40% of Radiation can be healed automatically, at a rate of 25% per hour. The Radiation bar can also be lowered by consuming AntiRad Pills, and/or AntiRad Mushrooms. Potassium Iodide Pills offer resistance against Radiation, and should be taken prior to exposure.


The following equipment offer protection against Radiation:

Item Attributes
Radiation Gas Protection Radiation Rain Protection Radiation Ray Protection
GasCanisterPack 48.png
Gas Canister Pack
67% 0% 0%
GasMask 48.png
Gas Mask
20% 10% 0%
HazmatMask 48.png
Hazmat Mask
33% 10% 5%
HazmatSuitOrange 48.png
Hazmat Suit
0% 80% 0%

Radiation Hazards[]