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Radiation Valley is a location in Orca Island.


Radiation Valley is an irradiated zone located near the centre of Orca Island. It is marked by a  Irradiated.png  icon on the map.

As its name suggests, Radiation Valley is a lowland between two hills, containing dangerously high levels of gas radiation. Players entering the affected area without adequate protective gear are exposed to high levels of radiation. A fully unprotected player without any radiation resistance bonuses will receive a 1% increase to their Radiation Status bars per second.

Radiation Valley is characterised by the presence of dead trees and grass, which also form a visual representation of the boundaries of the high radiation area. Ionizing radiation hazard signs are placed along road that leads through Radiation Valley.


Players can achieve 100% radiation gas resistance when using the Gas Canister Pack in combination with a Hazmat Mask, provided that both items are at full item health.

Players should stock up on AntiRad Pills and/or AntiRad Mushrooms. Potassium Iodide Pills offer resistance against radiation, and should be taken prior to entering Radiation Valley.


A number of ACHCR Refugee Agency tents and vehicles may be found within Radiation Valley, containing spawns for various supplies, including weapons and medical supplies.