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Rain, or Rainy Weather, is a weather pattern.


Rainy Weather is one of the randomly selected weather patterns in Miscreated. Rain is a form of precipitation, characterised by water droplets falling to the ground under gravity. Rainy Weather is accompanied by a decrease in temperature, a rise in humidity levels, and sometimes a decrease in visibility.

There are three levels of Rainy Weather that may occur.

  • LightRain: Light precipitation, with fine droplets of water
  • HeavyRainThunder: Stormy weather, with heavy downpours accompanied by flashes of lightning and rolls of thunder
  • TornadoRainThunder: Severe thunderstorm with heavy downpours, accompanied by a tornado

A another variant of Rainy Weather, Acid Rain, is a mixture of Rain and acidic components, which can cause damage to players.


  • After the end of every weather pattern, a new one is selected at random
    • LightRain has a 4.0% chance of occurring
    • HeavyRainThunder has a 3.0% chance of occurring
    • TornadoRainThunder has a 2.0% chance of occurring
    • AcidRain has a 2.0% chance of occurring