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The Ranged Weapons 3 Guide is a specialized crafting guide.


Using the Ranged Weapons 3 Guide adds the following recipes to the player's crafting menu:

Product Recipe
Pile 12GaugePellet 48.png
10 × 12-Gauge Buckshot
15 × Gunpowder 48.png Gunpowder
1 × SheetMetal 48.png Sheet Metal
2 × Rocks 48.png Rock
CraftedShortShotgun 48.png
Short Crafted Shotgun
3 × SheetMetal 48.png Sheet Metal
2 × ScrapMetal 48.png Scrap Metal
2 × Lumber 48.png Lumber
CraftedShotgun 48.png
Crafted Shotgun
3 × SheetMetal 48.png Sheet Metal
4 × ScrapMetal 48.png Scrap Metal
3 × Lumber 48.png Lumber

Lootable Item[]

This guide is a random drop which can be found throughout the map, typically found in buildings, while searching lockers, air-drop shipments, plane crash sites and while looting mutants which have been killed.

Once this item has been found, the player must right-click on it and select Learn at which point the guide will disappear and the player will be able to create items unlocked by the guide. If the guide has already been learned, the player upon collecting subsequent guides of this type will be unable to learn the guide and the guide will remain in the player's inventory.

The guide can be placed into community chests or passed onto other players.


  • The Ranged Weapons 3 Guide was added to the game in Update 1.1.0