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The Recurve Bow is a ranged weapon that fires Aluminium Arrows. It can only be equipped in a Primary Slot.


The Recurve Bow is a projectile weapon that fires Aluminium Arrows and their variants.

To use the Recurve Bow, arrows will first need to be loaded into the ammunition slot of the weapon. The ammunition slot holds up to 8 arrows.

To fire the Recurve Bow, the shooter has to first manually draw the arrow by holding the [Primary Attack] button. The arrow is fired when the [Primary Attack] button is released. Once drawn, the shot may be cancelled by pressing the [Reload] button, which brings the arrow back to its idle position, allowing it to be drawn again.


Hitbox Damage
Head 320
Torso 32
Upper Arms 16
Lower Arms 8
Legs 16

Due lower velocity of the projectile, arrows have a tendency to arc over long distances. Additionally, the Recurve Bow does not come with any sights, or slots for optical attachments. Shooters may need to get closer to their targets to use the weapon effectively.

The Recurve Bow has the advantage of being a mostly silent weapon. Firing the weapon yields a lower chance of attracting attention from players and/or mutants, as compared to firearms. Players may use this to their advantage when performing stealth attacks.

Supported Attachments[]

The Recurve Bow features 2 attachment slot:


  • The Recurve Bow was added to the game in Patch #30