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Repair Kits are pieces of equipment that may be used to repair certain items.


The Repair Kit is a piece of equipment that may be used to restore the health value of an item of its corresponding type/category.


  • The amount of health points a Repair Kit can restore is proportionate to the health value of the Repair Kit
    • For example, a Repair Kit with a 15% health value will only restore 15 health points to the corresponding item
  • Repair Kits may be combined, with the sum of each previous health points forming the new health value
    • For example, a kit with 15 health points may combine with another kit with 30 health points to form a single new Repair Kit with a 45% health value
    • Any health points added over 100% will be lost
    • Repair Kits may only be combined with another Repair Kit of the same type/category
  • Certain items may be broken down into Repair Kits of the same type/category, with the item's previous health determining the health value of the Repair Kit
  • Repairing an item or combining Repair Kits may be done by dragging the latter to the target object in the inventory
    • When dragging a Repair Kit in the UI, the background of the applicable target items will turn blue

List of Repair Kits[]

Weapons (Primary)[]

Type / Category Item(s) Repaired
RepairKitRed 48.png Repair Kit (Thor-12) AA12 48.png THOR-12
RepairKitRed 48.png Repair Kit (ACAW) ACAW 48.png ACAW
RepairKitRed 48.png Repair Kit (AK74U) AK74U 48.png AK74U
RepairKitRed 48.png Repair Kit (Assault Rifle) AKM 48.png Assault Rifle
AKMGold 48.png The Dictator
RepairKitRed 48.png Repair Kit (AT-15) AT15 48.png AT-15
RepairKitRed 48.png Repair Kit (AUMP45) AUMP45 48.png AUMP 45
RepairKitRed 48.png Repair Kit (Bulldog) Bulldog 48.png Bulldog
RepairKitRed 48.png Repair Kit (Crossbow) Crossbow 48.png Crossbow
RepairKitRed 48.png Repair Kit (CX4) CX4Storm 48.png Cx8 Storm
RepairKitRed 48.png Repair Kit (Vector) KrissV 48.png Vector
RepairKitRed 48.png Repair Kit (Mod16) M16 48.png Mod16 Assault
RepairKitRed 48.png Repair Kit (Bolt-Action Rifle) M40A5 48.png M40A5
RepairKitRed 48.png Repair Kit (M249) M249 48.png M249
RepairKitRed 48.png Repair Kit (DD-Mk18) Mk18 48.png DD-Mk18
Mk18Reaver 48.png The Reaver
RepairKitRed 48.png Repair Kit (Carlington) Model70 48.png Carlington BA-70
RepairKitRed 48.png Repair Kit (Model 1873) Model1873 48.png Model 1873
RepairKitRed 48.png Repair Kit (MP55) MP5 48.png MP55
RepairKitRed 48.png Repair Kit (R90) R90 48.png R90
RepairKitRed 48.png Repair Kit (Recurve Bow) RecurveBow 48.png Recurve Bow
RepairKitRed 48.png Repair Kit (Renegade) Rem700 48.png Renegade 700
RepairKitRed 48.png Repair Kit (AT-12 Shotgun) Rem870 48.png AT-12 Shotgun
SawedShotgun 48.png Sawed off AT-12 Shotgun
RepairKitRed 48.png Repair Kit (Hunting Rifle) Sako 85 48.png Hunting Rifle 85
RepairKitRed 48.png Repair Kit (870 Tactical) Shotgun870Tactical 48.png 870 Tactical 12ga
RepairKitRed 48.png Repair Kit (Tranquilizer Gun) TranquilizerGun 48.png Tranquilizer Gun
RepairKitRed 48.png Repair Kit (Wasteland .22) Wasteland22 48.png Wasteland .22
RepairKitBlue 48.png Repair Kit (Melee Primary) Axe 48.png Axe
AxePatrick 48.png Patrick's Axe
BaseballBat 48.png Baseball Bat
BaseballBatHerMajesty 48.png Her Majesty
BaseballBatNails 48.png Nailed Bat
BaseballBatSawBlade 48.png Sawblade Bat
BaseballBatSawBladeNails 48.png Nailed Saw Bat
BaseballBatScrapNails 48.png Nailed Scrap Bat
Katana 48.png Katana
KatanaBlackWidow 48.png Black Widow
Guitar 48.png Guitar

Weapons (Secondary)[]

Type / Category Item(s) Repaired
RepairKitGreen 48.png Repair Kit (.357 Revolver) ColtPython 48.png .357 Revolver
ColtPythonGrimeyRick 48.png Grimey Rick
RepairKitGreen 48.png Repair Kit (Flare Gun) FlareGun 48.png Flare Gun
RepairKitGreen 48.png Repair Kit (9mm Pistol) G18Pistol 48.png 9mm Handgun
RepairKitGreen 48.png Repair Kit (HK45) Hk45 48.png HK45
RepairKitGreen 48.png Repair Kit (M1911-A1) M1911a1 48.png M1911-A1
RepairKitGreen 48.png Repair Kit (MKIII .22) Ruger22 48.png MKIII .22
RepairKitGreen 48.png Repair Kit (AP85) AP85 48.png AP85
RepairKitGreen 48.png Repair Kit (M9A1) M9A1 48.png M9A1
RepairKitGreen 48.png Repair Kit (Soviet Pistol) Makarov 48.png Makarov PM
RepairKitGreen 48.png Repair Kit (P350) P350 48.png P350
RepairKitGreen 48.png Repair Kit (PX4) PX4 48.png PX4
RepairKitYellow 48.png Repair Kit (Melee Secondary) Cleaver 48.png Cleaver
Hammer 48.png Hammer
Hatchet 48.png Hatchet
HuntingKnife 48.png Hunting Knife
LugWrench 48.png Lug Wrench
Machete 48.png Machete
Pickaxe 48.png Pickaxe
PoliceBaton 48.png Police Baton
StunBaton 48.png Stun Baton
Squeegee 48.png Squeegee
SurvivalKnife 48.png Survival Knife
Pipe wrench 48.png Pipe Wrench
Crowbar 48.png Crowbar

Gear & Equipment[]

Type / Category Item(s) Repaired
RepairKitBlack 48.png Repair Kit (Basic Helmets) BikeHelmetBlack 48.png Bike Helmet
FootballHelmet 48.png Football Helmet
MotorcycleHelmetCarbon 48.png Motorcycle Helmet
RepairKitBlack 48.png Repair Kit (Ballistic Helmets) MilitaryHelmet 48.png Military Helmet
SwatHelmet 48.png Swat Helmet
RepairKitBlue 48.png Repair Kit (Equipment) Binoculars 48.png Binoculars
Cb radio 48.png Survivotron VI
Flashlight 48.png Flashlight
Maglite 48.png Megalite
MagliteSmall 48.png Small Megalite
Megaphone 48.png Megaphone

Sewing Kits[]

Type / Category Item(s) Repaired
RK Cloth 48.png Repair Kit (Cloth Items) StowPackBlack 48.png StowPack
Bandana 48.png Bandana
BalaclavaBlack 48.png Balaclava
CanvasShoes 48.png Canvas Shoes
HitopsBlack 48.png Hi-tops
Sneakers 48.png Sneakers
TennisShoes 48.png Tennis Shoes
BandanaHat 48.png Bandana (Hat)
BaseballCap 48.png Baseball Cap
BeanieBrown 48.png Beanie
BeretBlack 48.png Military Beret
CowboyHatStraw 48.png Straw Cowboy Hat
Flexcap acfrontback black 48.png Flex Cap
GhillieHood1 48.png Ghillie Hood
HeadbandAqua 48.png Headband
GhillieSuit1 48.png Ghillie Suit
PuffyJacketAmerica 48.png Puffy Jacket
CargoPantsGreenCamo1 48.png Cargo Pants
CargoShortsBlack 48.png Cargo Shorts
TrackPantsBlack 48.png Track Pants
WandererPantsBlack 48.png Wanderer Pants
BlueJeans 48.png Jeans
ScarfAqua 48.png Scarf
ButtonupShirtBlack 48.png Shirt
CottonShirtBlue 48.png Longsleeve Shirt
Hoodie 48.png Hoodie
Sweater 48.png Sweater
TshirtAmalgamatedBlack 48.png T-Shirt
FannyPackBlack 48.png Fanny Pack
RK Leather 48.png Repair Kit (Leather Items) RuggedPack 48.png Rugged Pack
CombatBootsBlack 48.png Combat Boots
SteeltoedBootsBlack 48.png Steel-toed Boots
MilitaryGloves 48.png Military Gloves
CowboyHat 48.png White Cowboy Hat
CowboyHatLeather 48.png Leather Cowboy Hat
DorfmanPacific 48.png Outback Hat
Headlamp 48.png Headlamp
WeldersMask 48.png Welders Mask
FootballPads 48.png Football Pads
FootballPadsSpiked 48.png Spiked Football Pads
NoSleevesVestBlack 48.png Sleeveless Vest
ShoulderPadOneSide 48.png Right Shoulder Pad
ShoulderPadOneSideLeft 48.png Left Shoulder Pad
LeatherJacketYellow 48.png Leather Jacket
RK Canvas 48.png Repair Kit (Canvas Items) RuckSack 48.png Large Rucksack
DuffelBagBlack 48.png Duffel Bag
FlakVestGreen 48.png Flak Vest
PoliceVestBlack 48.png Police Vest
TacticalVestBlack 48.png Tactical Vests
MilitaryJacketBlack 48.png Military Jacket
RK Teflon 48.png Repair Kit (Teflon Items) GasCanisterPack 48.png Gas Canister Pack
GasMask 48.png Gas Mask
HazmatMask 48.png Hazmat Mask
HazmatSuitOrange 48.png Hazmat Suit
RainJacketBlack 48.png Rain Coat