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The Squeegee is a melee weapon. It can only be equipped in a Secondary Slot.


The Squeegee is an improvised a melee weapon. It is a tool with a rubber blade, designed for cleaning flat surfaces, such as windows and/or glass.

As a weapon, the Squeegee does 15% of damage to health for every hit, with a 20% chance of causing bleeding to its target.

Squeegees are usually found in supermarkets, residential areas, or industrial areas such as garages and warehouses.


"Once a staple of both residential and vehicular window cleaning, the Squeegee has recently seen a rise in popularity as a bludgeoning tool. Need certainly is the mother of invention, as who would have thought of mundane cleaning equipment working so well against the mutants. While carrying a Squeegee as a weapon might not give the most professional vibe in the post-apocalyptic scene, it will hurt well enough when swung with adequate force." – Klavian