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The Survival Knife is a melee weapon. It can only be equipped in a Secondary Slot.


The Survival Knife is a lightweight, multi-purpose knife. It is made of a short, fixed flat blade with a serrated spine, and a handle with a crossguard.

Where it lacks in damage, the knife's short blade and light weight give it a higher rate of attack compared to two-handed melee weapons. For every hit, the Survival Knife does 24% of damage to health, with a 65% chance of causing bleeding to its target.

The Survival Knife does the same damage as the Hunting Knife, but as a lower chance of causing bleeding to enemies. Additionally, the Survival Knife is slightly heavier, which results in a slightly lower rate of attack, giving it a lower overall Damage Per Second rating.


  • The Survival Knife Knife was added to the game in Patch #9