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The Torch is a melee weapon, as well as a crafting product. It can only be equipped in a Secondary Slot.


The Torch is a short wooden stave, with one end wrapped in Rags that have been soaked in Oil. It is used primarily as a portable light source.

Unlike the Flashlight, which emits a narrow cone of light in the direction the Player is facing, the Torch emits omnidirectional lighting, within a few meters' radius from the source. A lit torch will automatically extinguish when dropped.

The Torch is a crafting product, and cannot be found through looting.

The Torch's melee attack can be performed by using the Primary Attack key (default [Left Mouse Button]). It does 25% of damage to health for every hit, with a 20% chance of causing bleeding to its target, and a 90% chance of igniting its target, causing 3% of damage to health for a duration of 8 seconds. The Torch loses 1% of its health when hit against any surface.


The following resources are required to craft a Torch: