Update 1.0.2 - 03/01/2019 Edit

Modding Support Edit

  • This version introduces the first iteration of modding support for Miscreated!
  • Please send us any/all feedback related to modding via the Miscreated Discord in the #modding channel
  • Modding is only supported on self-hosted servers
    To enable mods on your server, in the hosting.cfg file, add a line for steam_ugc and assign it a comma separated list of Steam workshop items to install
    Ex.: steam_ugc=workshipid1,workshopid2, workshopid3
  • Some forms of mods are not fully supported in the initial release - entire levels, workshop collections, and dependent mods
  • When a player connects to a server that requires mods, the mods will automatically be installed via the Steam Workshop
  • Extension mod support to all spawner and weather lua scripts

Game Edit

  • Disabled verbose logging of all skins in the log files
  • Allow throwing of some items that can now stack (Rocks)
  • Fixed throwing of items so the throw action can no longer be spammed quickly
  • The g_idleKickTime server variable will now work correctly to kick inactive players
  • Optimizations related to saving out players to the database after they disconnect
  • Fixed damage to DWS objects caused by new ammo types introduced in version 1.0
  • Bleeds levels and poison are now saved in the database and restored upon login
  • Display a message when an item can't be moved to another item or slot for any reason
  • If an item has items inside of it on the ground the name will now be prepended with [+]
  • Added football pads to leather repair kit
  • Fixed the stats on clothing when clothing is hit or repaired
  • Tweak environment temperature handling, separate heating and warmth and limit the ranges - prevents too fast overheating from cooking and too many temperature sources around
  • Replaced non-usable water barrels with no-lid versions
  • Fixed static duplicated door in new warehouse (couldn't be opened)
  • Removed ability to connect power to large power boxes (only small ones are used on houses)
  • Optimized the "bunker cave"
  • Clarified the !ping chat command result
  • Workaround for Windows 10 1809 new GPU performance handling and for NVIDIA profile choosing a suboptimal default
  • Workaround for the case of spawning in ocean (you won't drown anymore and will be automatically disconnected)

Weather Edit

  • Added weather danger level (and wm_dangerScale 0.0-5.0 (default 1.0)) can be used to reduce fancy/dangerous weather patterns (and prevent too many patterns after each other)
  • Fixed snow outro transition now so it doesn't instantly reset ground snow in some cases
  • Reduce amount of snow patterns

Crafting Edit

  • Items crafted using the crafting window will now have full health

Items Edit

  • Increased chance for the map to spawn (in case someone loses their starter map and needs one)
  • Converted Rocks into a throwable item which can be used to distract AI/players
  • Removed the light glow on the Survivotron
  • All chemlights now have a max stack size of 10
  • Rocks now have a max stack size of 5
  • Increased the distance rocks can be thrown (press and hold the throw key for up to 1 second to maximize throw distance)

Vehicles Edit

  • Quad bike skins added

AI Edit

  • Don't tell AI the position of the player shooting surfaces near to the AI - direct hits and unsilenced gun fire will still alert AI to player's location
  • Fixed AI stimulus (receiving players position) for Molotovs
  • Improvement to help reduce AI spawning on roofs/trees

Map Edit

  • Fixed some floating forest debris
  • Fixed LOD setting on some trees
  • Add some props to bathrooms that were almost empty
  • Fixed an unreachable bee hive
  • Various fixes to some of the residential buildings
  • Added floor to bottom of elevator shaft in Woodhaven bunker

UI Edit

  • Decrease fade in/out effects time when respawning

Audio Edit

  • Revised some weapon related sound effects
  • Added pistol slide sound effects

Animations Edit

  • Added remaining first select animations for firing weapons
  • Added remaining dry reload setups

Textures/Models Edit

  • Fixed physics proxy on a cliff wall asset to help prevent players hiding inside of it
  • Adjusted physics proxy on bollards
  • Adjusted Radio Tower fence physics proxy thickness to allow bullets to travel through it
  • Adjusted Oil Tanker floor proxies to sit level with the surface to reduce item spawner floating
  • Fixed broken physics proxy on the camping chair
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