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Update 1.1.0 - 05/03/2019[]


  • This update has a lot of Quality of Life (QoL) improvements in it - many of them are based on player's feedback
  • It also has a lot of new changes to the crafting, base building, and vehicle systems
  • Before providing feedback on the changes, please test them in game and then provide feedback on the Miscreated Discord server
  • Over time, we will add/remove/tweak features as needed to improve the gameplay of Miscreated
  • Some of these changes are to explore a faster gameplay style that balances the crafting and raiding mechanics
  • While some of the changes may appear small on the surface, they introduce a lot of new gameplay opportunities


  • A lot of the fundamental changes have now been completed to localize Miscreated in other languages
  • The game has already been partially translated into some languages by the community - thank you to all those that have helped so far!
  • Most of the UI, except the Main Menu, can now be fully localized, as well as all of the item names, descriptions, action menus, and in-game messages
  • To test out the changes for a language set g_language= (french|german|portuguese|russian|spanish) Ex. g_language=french in a created file named user.cfg in your root Miscreated Steam intall folder


  • 12 placeholder vehicle names have been added that modders can use to add new vehicles, so they don't have to replace existing vehicles


  • When a DWS or base door is opened/closed the action menu will refresh to show the correct actions
  • Fixed issue with exploding items on the ground not causing damage or having any physics forces generated
  • A message is now displayed when a player consumes most harmful items - be sure to inspect items before consuming them
  • Added another game.log log file entry when a player gets disconnected to help troubleshoot potential issues
  • Filter out any item context menu actions that cannot be used on the player's target
  • Harvesting from rocks now has a chance to return the new Pyrite item
  • Possible FPS improvement for some systems because of a system timer optimization


  • Bicycles and Dirtbikes will no longer spawn in the game, but are left in the game files in case modders want to re-enable them
  • All Bicycle and Dirtbike spawn points will now spawn Quadbikes
  • If you already have a Bicycle or Dirtbike in game it will still remain until it gets destroyed or is removed from not being used
  • Bicycles and Dirtbikes were removed due to the stability issues they caused with the
  • CryEngine physics system - caused too many crashes and anomalies
  • All Quadbikes, Tractors, and Jetskis will despawn after not being used for six hours
  • With the Quadbike changes it should be a lot easier to find Quadbikes to use now - 19 are now in the game to be used
  • Vehicles that have general inventory slots now have a maximum of 5 inventory slots (reduced from 10)


  • Added craftable Furnace for bases - can smelt and cook items - has generic 10 slot persistent inventory
  • Added craftable Fireplace for bases - can smelt and cook items - has generic 10 slot persistent inventory
  • Added craftable Workbench for bases - must be used to craft some of the new recipes
  • Added craftable Metal Shelf for bases
  • Added craftable Rugs for bases
  • Added craftable Flag poles (many flag variations) for bases
  • Added craftable Bed for bases
  • Added Iron Ingot
  • Added Charcoal
  • Added Sulphur
  • Added Gunpowder
  • Added BioFuel
  • Added Pyrite
  • Added Weapons Ranged 1, 2, and 3 crafting guides
  • Added Explosives 1 and 2 crafting guides
  • Most base building parts can now be stacked in the inventory and have had their weight reduced
  • Increased the stack size for some crafting components


  • The Crafting tab will now show all recipes in the game
  • Any recipes you do not know will be grayed out and it will inform you what you need to craft that item
  • Some recipes also require the player to use the new Workbench base building part in order to be crafted
  • Many items have had their crafting times reduced
  • Removed Nails requirement from the Plotsign recipe
  • Adjusted Pipebomb crafting recipe to use Gunpowder instead of shotgun shells
  • Adjusted Sheet Metal to be craftable from Iron Ingots
  • Adjusted C4 crafting recipe to require more C4 bricks since it can now be crafted
  • Added recipe to craft a Metal Pipe
  • Added recipe to craft Nails
  • Added recipes to craft the new Bed, Furnace, Fireplace, Workbench, Shelf, Rugs, and Flag poles base building parts
  • Added recipe to craft BioFuel
  • Players can get Iron Ingots by smelting Scrap Metal in the Furnace
  • Players can get Sulphur by smelting Pyrite in the Furnace
  • Players can get Charcoal by burning wood in the Furnace
  • Players can now craft several craftable weapons
  • Players can now craft Gunpowder
  • Players can now craft the following rounds: 9mm, 5.56, and shotgun shells

Base Building[]

  • The number of Furnaces in a base is limited to 2
  • The number of Fireplaces in a base is limited to 1
  • Pack up time reduced to 3 seconds (was 5 seconds)
  • Fixed the position of the light and fog effects for worklights
  • Crates can now be stacked on top of each other (or other base parts)
  • Plated and metal base parts can only be damaged by using explosives - wood parts can still be damaged by melee weapons
  • Adjusted explosives damage on wood, plated and metal base parts so explosives are a lot more effective now
  • If the new Bed is added to a base then the owner of the base will respawn at his bed after death - has no effect on clan members
  • Any items in the new Furnace or Fireplace will be smelted, cooked, or damaged if it is lit - depending on the item - explosive items will explode when fully damaged
  • The Furnace and Fireplace will stop processing items if all players leave the general area they are located at, but will automatically resume when a player returns

Hotfix 1.1.0a - 05/08/2019[]

Enhancments or Fixes[]

  • Fixed issue where base building parts would take too much damage at times
  • Adjusted explosion and frag damage values for base parts
  • All explosions can now damage a base (fix for traps)
  • Increased Duct Tape stack size to 10
  • C4 and Pipebombs can now be stacked to 3
  • Salt can be stacked to 20
  • Increased Pyrite stack size to 64
  • Increased Scrap Metal stack size to 64
  • Increased Sheet Metal stack size to 32
  • Increased chance to harvest Pyrite from rocks
  • Increased amount of Animal Fat you get from animals
  • Lowered crafting time on Rags and BioFuel
  • Decreased number of BioFuel needed to craft C4
  • Reduced Gunpowder crafting time to 0.5 seconds
  • Adjusted Pipebomb material requirements
  • Bolts can now be crafted using Scrap Metal
  • Increased health on crates so they will be less likely to be destroyed if a nearby part is damaged
  • Removed window and door frames from the recipe list as they are no longer used
  • Improved system related to what items are needed to repair base parts - some parts require different items to repair them now
  • Added localized text for crafted bed and rugs
  • Fix for how crates/fireplaces/furnaces are sent to the client - should reduce the issue of not being able to use them at times
  • Server updated to use the latest Steam Toolkit - should fix the error code 2 issues when downloading mods
  • Fixed burn duration for wood in grills/purifiers/campfires
  • Fixes for character being stuck after respawning
  • Fixes to the main menu so localized hints will display correctly
  • Added helicopter action map for those modders that want to try and get a helicopter to work in game
  • Added placeholder vehicle sounds for modders to use
  • Fixed the message displayed when you try and place a plotsign but already have an existing base
  • Adjust materials on Jerry so he can be packed up
  • Changed world (non-base) workbench so it looks visually different from the one usable in bases