Update 1.10.0 - 04/24/2020 Edit

Easter Event Edit

  • The Easter event is over, so the Easter eggs won't spawn any more
  • The crafting recipes for the weapons are still in the crafting menu, so players can use any eggs they still have
  • The recipe will be removed in a upcoming patch

Kiosks Edit

  • As stated previously in the devblog, the kiosk has been made craftable now
  • The kiosk will be able to be placed in bases, but will require a generator for it to work
  • To learn the recipe to craft the kiosk, players will have to find the Storage 2 guide spawning in the world

Attachment System Edit

  • All scopes have now been moved to a special shader made specifically for scopes and reflex sights
  • This change fixes a couple of issue with them, mainly the jittery effect players experienced while aiming (the attachment itself might still be jittery, but the reticle should stay stable)

Items Edit

  • Added OKP-7 sight
  • Added R3 sight
  • Added 7.62x39 75 rounds drum magazine
  • Added Extended 7.62x39 30 rounds magazine for Asval and VSS
  • Added M4V5 rifle
  • Added RPK rifle

Weapon Changes Edit

  • All weapons now have durability (now including ranged weapons)
  • Using a weapon will cause it to loose durability and eventually break.
  • Once a weapon is broken it will show red in players inventory and won't be able to be used until repaired
  • Adjusted the recoil pattern on some weapons
  • Removed single fire mode from M4A1
  • Removed health on non-lethal grenades so they can be kiosked
  • Lowered m97 spawn rate
  • Added M4A1 to spawn table
  • Added VSS to spawn table
  • Added M16Vietnam to spawn table
  • Buffed M40 damage (75)
  • Buffed ACAW damage (75)
  • Buffed Sako 85 damage (63)
  • Buffed Remington 700 damage (63)
  • Buffed Carlington damage (57)
  • Added sights support for the Dictator
  • Adjusted the reticle for all scopes model (new reticles)
  • Reduced the Holo sight reticle size

Basebuilding Edit

  • Added female deer head craftable trophy
  • Added male deer head craftable trophy
  • Added wolf head craftable trophy

Vehicles Edit

  • Adjusted 5-ton and semi-truck so they behave better than before

Animations Edit

  • Adjusted leaning to react better while aiming down sight with scopes and sights
  • Added animation for 7.62 drum magazine

Game Edit

  • Increased stack size of Sticks (250)
  • Increased stack size of GunPowder (250)
  • Increased stack size of AnimalFat (250)
  • Increased stack size of BioFuel (250)
  • Increased stack size of Charcoal (250)
  • Increased stack size of IronIngot (250)
  • Increased stack size of IronOre (250)
  • Increased stack size of Nail (250)
  • Increased stack size of Pyrite (250)
  • Increased stack size of Rocks (250)
  • Increased stack size of ScrapMetal(250)
  • Increased stack size of SheetMetal(250)
  • Increased stack size of StickPile (250)
  • Increased stack size of Sulphur (250)
  • Increased stack size of Thatch (250)
  • Increased stack size of WoodPile (250)
  • Adjusted new weapons spawn rate vs old weapons (newer weapons will be less common now)
  • Adjusted weight on all armor items based on their respective tiers
  • Added epic weapon spawner to some airdrops
  • Added AMCoin spawner to some airdrops
  • Added Workbenches around the world players can use to craft with
  • Lowered crafting requirement for the new wall_door from 12 Lumber to 10
  • Lowered crafting requirement for Crossbow bolts
  • Removed the Amalgamated kiosk from the metal spawn locations (since you can craft it now)

Bugfixes Edit

  • Fixed an issue with generator sound not stopping when leaving a base's relevance range (caused duplicate sounds before)
  • Fixed an issue that caused the 5-ton and semi-truck to not be able to move
  • Fixed Flashbang dealing explosive damage to players and bases
  • Fixed Flashlight attachment always showing on the UMP
  • Fixed Flashlight not being attached properly to the AT15
  • Fixed Flashlight not being attached properly to the MOD16
  • Adjusted C4 fire rate to prevent it from being spammed (to prevent second or third C4 from not dealing damage to parts)
  • Adjusted C4 throwing mechanic to prevent it from getting stuck on players if players are moving forward while throwing
  • Adjusted prone system collision detection
  • Adjusted prone system to black out screen if head goes inside or too close of objects
  • Fixed Beetle skins not being awarded

Modding Edit

  • Added a way list to inventory/storage contents through lua
  • Added support for custom UIs
  • Added a way to save/restore a custom value in lua that persists to the database and through relevance on server (self-hosted only)
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