Miscreated Wiki

Update 1.17.0 - 03/08/21[]

  • All official servers have been wiped with all bases, characters, and guides deleted
  • Some official servers have been removed, and others have been renamed

  • Both the Islands and Canyonlands maps have new base building exclusion zones added
  • Players can no longer build bases on the main roads on Islands or close to bluffs on Canyonlands

  • The Valentine's event has ended, but the Easter event is now active
  • Lowered snow weather chances for spring since Christmas-Valentine period has passed
  • Search the map for Easter eggs that can be used to craft items
  • Removed the UFO spawn event until it's needed again

  • Added some icons that were missing for the Steam inventory system
  • Added eight additional factions and their related cvars (indexes 7-15)

  • Add new server cvar wm_effectScaleOffset to control weather/env effect danger. It scales the negative effects environments can have, e.g. 0.03 means environment effects are 3% more dangerous, -0.5 environment is 50% less dangerous

For modding

  • Added ISM.GetItemClassInfo as an efficient way to retrieve all basic item class info in a table
  • Added HUD.LocalizeString(txt) returning translated text for translating @labels if needed for Lua/UI modding purposes
  • Added ISM.GetItemDescription(className), GetItemMass(className), and GetItemStackSize(className)
  • Added ISM.GetItemDisplayName(className) returning display name or empty
  • Added ISM.GetItemVendorCost(className) returning AmCoin cost
  • Added overridable whitelisted placeholder command "mod_command"
  • Added 12 additional vehicle placeholders 13-24 for modding

Special note
A clothing trader was added to the game, but is not yet functional. Functionality will be enabled in a hotfix

Hotfix 1.17.0a - 03/12/21[]

  • Fixed the new cloth trader in the outposts
  • Exported the islands map again to fix some missing grass
  • Fixed the > 100% spawn chance with the RandomGnome spawner
  • Amalgaduino can no longer be stored/retrieved from a kiosk
  • Fixed a possible dupe issue with the kiosk when the server is unable to connect with Steam's services

Hotfix 1.17.0b - 03/30/21[]

  • Fixed some exploits

Hotfix 1.17.0c - 04/23/21[]

  • Fixed some more reported exploits

Hotfix 1.17.0d - 04/29/21[]

  • Fixed issue with context menu actions not working after server has been running for a while