Update 1.4.0 - 09/19/2019 Edit

Base Building Snapping System Edit

  • The first phase of the base building snapping system has been completed and included in this update
  • It is recommended that all existing bases be rebuilt using the snapping system as some walls are likely to have been shifted due to required changes in some part sizes
  • Additional snapping features will be added in future updates
  • Freeform placement is still fully supported, so both snapping and freeform can now be used

Foundations Edit

  • Foundations are now been added to the game
  • There are currently two sizes of foundations you can use (4mx4mx4m and 2mx2mx4m)
  • Both have more health than any other base parts, which means they are less likely to get targeted or destroyed during a raid making your base much stronger
  • Their placement is restricted to terrain only and snap to each other
  • A foundation can be placed in shallow water as long as the center of the foundation is above water (so, partially submerged)
  • Foundations use rocks as a crafting material and can be upgraded to plated the same way you would upgrade other base parts

Plated Tier Edit

  • Most of the plated tier base parts were reworked to facilitate placement with platforms and to give them a better look

Metal Tier Edit

  • Most of the metal tier base parts were adjusted to work better with the snapping system
  • Their sizes have been adjusted, as well as their look, to better differentiate them from the plated tier
  • The health of the metal base parts was doubled making them extremely strong against explosives

Drawbridge Edit

  • The draw bridge and drawbridge wall base part have been added
  • Drawbridge placement is restricted to the drawbridge wall only
  • If the drawbridge wall is removed while a drawbridge is snapped to it, the bridge will be removed

Game Edit

  • AMD GPU users may experience increased performance (up to 50% more based on settings and map areas)
  • Can convert an AT-12 shotgun into a Sawed-off AT-12 shotgun
  • Airplane crashes should no longer occur in rivers
  • Airplane drops will no longer happen in base building exclusion areas (cities primarily)
  • Airplane crashes adjusted so they won't occur right at water edges
  • Lots of optimizations to models and prefabs to help increase client fps

Kiosk Edit

  • Adjusted the cost to store Grenade in kiosk to 7 Amcoins
  • Adjusted the cost to store Pipebomb in kiosk to 20 Amcoins
  • Adjusted the cost to store C4 and C4 bricks in kiosk to 20 Amcoins

Items Edit

  • Sawed-off AT-12 added (secondary weapon)
  • Hacksaw added (drag onto an empty AT-12 shotgun to covert to sawed-off version)

Base Building Edit

  • A base will be instantly removed when its decay timer expires (before the server had to restart first)
  • Changed explosion max damage radius to 3.5m (was 5.0m)
  • A maximum of 12 base building parts can be stacked on top of each other
  • New watchtowers added

AI Edit

  • Significant AI optimizations have been made
  • Roughly twice as many AI will now spawn in the world
  • Hordes/packs will now spawn with random clothing items
  • Increased the size of some of the hordes/packs

Map Edit

  • Minor tweaks and fixes
  • Some optimizations with larger prefabs to help with frame rate

Audio Edit

  • Decreased intensity of sewer pipe water sound effect

Animations Edit

  • Changed to and from prone transitions to stop head from being too far forward

UI Edit

  • Keybinds have been added to the General category for base building actions - rotate, etc.
  • By default, the CTRL key will toggle between freeform and snapping placement

Hotfix 1.4.0a - 09/30/2019 Edit

  • Adjusted power on semi truck and 5-ton trucks so they can go up some inclines better
  • Fix for falling through base parts when logging into a server
  • Removed screen overlay for jack-o-lantern
  • Adjusted the Molotov recipe to be 2 alcohol instead of 1 to make it a bit harder to craft
  • Adjusted light color and radius on candles and tiki torches
  • Increased the fireplace light radius to 7m and increased its falloff to 1.5m so the fireplace provides more lights in bases
  • Fixed bleeding through of lights on fireplace
  • Reduced the chance of an AKM to spawn at military spawns a bit and increased the AK74u to make it more common
  • Reduced the metal parts health back to previous values ( 30k ) and reduced the damage multiplier of explosives on metal parts by half instead
  • Two potential server crash fixes related to AI
  • Electrified water fixes in Woodhaven bunker
  • Fixes for anti-rad showers, so they are working again
  • Fixed the physics proxy on the metal gateway towed model so it won't kill players standing under it when packed up
  • Several fixes related to basebuilding from the 1.4.0 update
  • Improved the ability to pack up/place/tow metal parts
  • Changed base building so parts can't be placed on top of doors

Hotfix 1.4.0b - 10/04/2019 Edit

  • Fix for not being able to place non-basebuilding items outside of a plotsign radius (tents, campfire, etc.)
  • Don't allow placement of plotsigns/parts underground when the server is using the default ruleset
  • Remove all bases where the plotsign is located under the map when the server is using the default ruleset
  • Fix for floating when entering game mode in the editor
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