Update 1.5.0 - 10/16/2019 Edit

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Halloween Update!

Halloween Event Edit

As part of the Halloween event, we have added a bunch of new items for you to find! They will spawn in the world via the Halloween bags or may be found by other means. You'll have to discover the extent of the event yourself!.

Game Edit

  • EasyAntiCheat updated to latest version

Base Building Edit

  • Improved wall placement for snapping
  • Added new snapping sticky placement method (only modding for now)
  • Fixed tent placement distance when placing a tent
  • Prevent emotes after death
  • Fixed server-side exclusion checks (not relevant for most maps)

AI Edit

  • Additional AI optimizations to increase server performance
  • Fixed server crashed caused by Chickens and Roosters
  • Fixed issue with AI spawning in very odd places at times

Items Edit

  • Many Halloween items added for Halloween (no spoilers!)

Kiosks Edit

  • Removed the ability to store C4, C4 bricks and C4 traps
  • Removed the ability to store Pipebombs and Pipebomb traps
  • Removed the ability to store explosive arrows
  • Various items can be added to the kiosk system (mostly Halloween related)

UI Edit

  • Added requested keybind changes for modders (helicopter related)

Hotfix 1.5.0a - 11/04/2019 Edit

  • Fix for servers not properly kicking players when they are removed from a server
  • Fix for players with steamid of 0 appearing in the status command list
  • Fix for players joining servers as a fresh spawn and not being able to access their clan or base
  • Fix for bases despawning too fast
  • Some crash fixes
  • Fix for being able to glitch inside of a building in Hayward
  • Fix for the black Halloween bag not spawning on the spider-like mutant
  • Reduced AmCoin cost to skin vehicles
  • Fixed incorrect spelling in one of the hints
  • Fixed the open content menu text for the Halloween bags
  • Repair kit for Model 1873 can be stored in the kiosk
  • Explosives guides and ranged weapon guides can no longer be sold/traded on the Steam marketplace
  • The following items can now be sold/traded on the Steam marketplace:
    • Halloween items
    • Jerry
    • Space Helmet
    • Translation Card
    • Scavenger pants
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