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Update 1.6.0 Canyonlands - 12/04/2019[]

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Miscreated Canyonlands Map![]

  • Players can now play on the brand new Canyonlands map after they purchase the Miscreated Canyonlands DLC on Steam
  • New hand-crafted, desert-themed map based on the deserts of the southwestern United States
  • New weather - sandstorm and heatwave patterns
  • New vehicles - beetle-style and a police SUV
  • New animals - ram, donkey, and giant scorpions
  • New clothes - unique desert-themed scavenger outfit
  • New weapons - western style Model 1873 lever action rifle and the Peacekeeper revolver


  • This update re-introduces some existing holiday items and also adds some new ones for this year!
  • New Christmas-themed event added

Task Log[]

  • A new task log has been added to help newer players learn the basics of the game
  • We plan to add more advanced tasks in future updates
  • Once all the tasks have been completed the task window will be hidden


  • Increased friction on sand surfaces so vehicles have a little more traction
  • Removed the overlay effect on the welder mask and sunglasses
  • Updated shader cache to reduce stalls while playing

Base Building[]

  • New garage door added with plated variation
  • Removed shadow casting from Christmas candles to increase rendering performance
  • Fixed issue with doors moving when entering relevance distance and they would end up in the wrong place


  • Removed physics proxy from the doors of the party bus so it can drive through base gates easier


  • Fixed delete message when trying to delete an item from the kiosk

Hotfix 1.6.0a - 12/05/2019[]


  • Fixed a common server crash
  • Adjusted number of AI


  • Removed spinning targets
  • Fixed several reported level design issues
  • Added more player spawn points for increased location randomization

Hotfix 1.6.0b - 12/12/2019[]


  • Several minor updates and fixes to the Canyonlands map
  • Christmas tree base part will now spawn
  • Fixed emotes as they weren't working correctly when holding a weapon in lowered stance
  • Reduced the amount of meat harvested from the ram and donkey
  • Reduced the chance of getting pear fruit from cactii from 70% to 40%
  • Fixed crafted smg red dot sight
  • Fixed the Game Effects setting in the UI so it's properly set now
  • Added UI option to hide the task list
  • Fixed female hazmat suit material setup for orange suit
  • Added client-side DLC check for Canyonlands to reduce number of server requests
  • Fixed the physics proxy on a large rock so players cannot get inside of it
  • Added flip functionality to all wheeled vehicles (Quadbike already had it)
  • Adjusted left hand of the middle finger emote as it was too far off to the side of the screen
  • Fixed left/right info display section in item tooltip window
  • Added "Kioskable" word to tooltip for all items that can be stored in a kiosk
  • Fixed meat location on the small BBQ grill
  • Fixed physics proxy issue with packing up of small BBQ grill

Hotfix 1.6.0c - 01/23/2020[]


  • Christmas related items and events will no longer spawn
  • Fixed several reported issues with the Canyonlands map
  • Moved some metal part spawn locations on the Canyonlands map
  • Added check to prevent using exploits to open containers through walls
  • Added repair and destroy sounds and effects to many base building parts
  • Added ability to right-click on piles of ammo to convert them into gunpowder
  • Fix so BaseBuildingSystem interface can be used in lua (console commands)
  • Fix so pressing F and G at the same time will no longer cause the game to hang
  • Fixed the vertex colour on the hazmat suits LODs
  • Optimized textures on the crafted weapons
  • Reduced size of the red dot on the crafted SMG
  • Fixed item name string where it should say Buckshot instead of Pellet
  • Decrease Christmas Tree weight from 1.25 tons to 250kg (makes towing of them easier)
  • Slow vehicle flip function further and increase time allowed to flip
  • Fixed typo on Beetle Red skin
  • Fixed SUV not having dedicated glass proxies
  • Change to camera for the sprint swim animation - fixes resurfacing issue
  • Changes to the snake movement animations
  • Fixed duration time in the Stick Pile description

Hotfix 1.6.0d - 01/28/2020[]


  • More fixes so pressing F and G at the same time will no longer cause the game to hang
  • Fix for not being able to loot a player or AI corpse at times
  • Fixed issue with the plated drawbridge not working
  • Removed Christmas Tree spawn
  • Removed Santa Sleigh event