Update 1.8.0 - 04/06/2020 Edit

Balancing Edit

  • As stated in the last devblog, this update includes a large balancing pass on weapons and armor
  • This was made to reduce the wide damage range of weapon, increase time to kill and make armor a more viable option
  • These changes should make gunfights more enjoyable
    (Don't worry, a headshot will still kill for most weapons, unless the player is wearing a helmet)
  • Rebalanced all weapons damage (nerfed)
  • Rebalanced all armors protection (buffed)
  • Lowered headshot multiplier to 3x (nerfed)

Attachment System Edit

  • The attachment system has been revised and attachments should work for all weapons which should support them
  • A rail has been added to weapons that didn't have one already, so they can use rail mounted attachments
  • Every weapon with a top rail should now be able to use all sights except for the hunting scope for balancing reasons (and also because it didn't fit physically)
  • The same goes for weapons with a side rail and an under barrel rail, which can now use laser sights and mounted flashlights

Storage Edit

  • All storage crates have been replaced by a new model with a lock on it
  • This change is just a visual change and doesn't affect any crate contents
  • By default, all crates will be locked for everyone except for the base owner or clan members
  • In order for someone else to access your crates, they will have to melee damage them below 50% health to break the lock

Items Edit

  • Added Reddot Sight Attachment
  • Added Spas12
  • Added AsVal
  • Added Mac10
  • Added Ak5c
  • Added M97
  • Added Sledgehammer

Basebuilding Edit

  • Damage to parts will now be synchronized to the clients more frequently - the health bars will update more often
  • Only base owners or clan members can repair a base - was anyone before
  • Fixed issue where a wall's health display wouldn't be updated after it was repaired
  • When trying to attach a generator to a house the missing generator message will only be seen by the player performing the action

We ran a contest 2 weeks ago for players to submit art they created, which would be selected by us to create paintings you can hang on your walls in your bases. We have selected 10 of the best submissions and added them to the game We may go through the submissions again and add additional ones for a following update

Thanks to:

  • Counterweight ( woman oil painting. Artist credit goes to his girlfriend, Antiteesi)
  • The Grimey Rick (house and landscape painting)
  • Mel (woman with lantern)
  • Lance (summer landscape)
  • K.Davre (winter landscape)
  • Immawarlock (gothic woman and barn painting)
  • Commandojuicy (slobberface)
  • LUCAS_LC (The best of mspaint)
  • Alevaric (Gecko)
  • Murad (red flower)

As decided by the majority of the community, these paintings will now spawn in the world for you to find. Look for the classic wooden box for base building items while you are out looting.

In addition to the paintings, a wide variety of new base parts have been added:

  • Added 4 new shelves you can place on your walls (1m, 2m and 3m large as well as a modern looking shelf)
  • Added a new wood table
  • Added a wooden stool
  • Added a new wooden bench
  • Added a Lantern you can hang on your wall
  • Added a 4 more paintings and a poster (using concept art from the game)

Added a set of basic base parts for you to build bases with a new refreshed look. The new parts are listed bellow:

  • 3x4 meter wall
  • 3x4 meter doorway
  • 3x4 meter wall window
  • 3x4x4 meter platform (roof)
  • Lockable wooden door
  • Lockable shutters

Board games Edit

  • To help you cope with the current situation and make social distancing a little more enjoyable, we've added a couple of board games you can play with your friends in your base
  • Added Tic-Tac-Toe board game and pieces
  • Added Nine Men's Morris board game and pieces
  • Added Slide n' Climb board game and pieces
  • Added Dice

Canyonlands Map DLC Edit

Added new areas to explore and loot - including a new town, new sheriff office, new airstrip, and access to the top of the dam and its surrounding area

IronSons' DLC Edit

Added 36 new weapon skins to the IronSons' DLC

Skins Edit

Added 156 new skins to the game which are awarded at random as you play

Game Edit

  • Added a new base building task chain to the task list to help new players of the game
  • Added a login exclusion area to the bunkers on Islands - if you try and login within a bunker you will be sent to a random spawn point instead
  • Fixed a server crash the could occur when trying to join a full server using the Steam queue
  • Potential server crash fix when respawning AI in an area
  • Fixed a bug that broke the context menu after bandaging a player
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to be pushed through a wall
  • Only output the server restart message once to the server log
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