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Update 1.9.0 - 04/10/2020 - Easter Update[]

Easter Event[]

This year we are adding a new seasonal event for Easter - The Easter Egg hunt. You will have to seek out Easter eggs spawning in the world.

Each egg type will allow you to craft a different type of special weapon from your crafting menu.

These special weapons, like The Dictator or the Reaver, have boosted stats, but limited attachment support.

3 new special weapons have been added for the event. These weapons are a variation of already existing weapons.

Essentially a shorter automatic AT-15. M4A1 has a higher fire rate, higher damage, carry handle with built in rear sight, faster ADS, lower recoil, and silencer support.

M16 Vietnam:
This weapon is based off of the MOD16. It is an old Vietnam war era automatic assault rifle with a built in carry handle with a rear sight. It has 3 fire modes, higher fire rate in all 3 fire modes, higher damage, reduced recoil, and silencer support.

Utilizing the Akval frame, the VSS is a semi-automatic sniper rifle with a higher base damage, reduced recoil, and scope support.

The PSO-1 is a 4x scope that fits the VSS sniper rifle. It doesn't fit any other weapon and is meant to be used with the VSS only.


  • Fixed not being able to store MAK10 in players inventory and storage box.
  • Fixed Reddot sight to not hide particle effect through its lens.
  • Fixed new walls not having sound when hitting them.
  • Fixed the M4A1 silencer being offset from the barrel end.


  • MAK10 now uses the pistol silencer instead of the rifle silencer
  • Reduced tier 3 armor spawn chance
  • Reduced m97 spawn chance
  • Added silencer support to MP5
  • Adjusted the Reaver recoil a bit
  • Reduced rifle and pistol silencer spawn rate
  • Reduced Sledgehammer spawn rate


  • Added Canyonlands painting base part
  • Added M4A1
  • Added M16
  • Added VSS
  • Added PSO-1

Canyonlands DLC[]

  • Added more detail to TuckerSprings town.
  • Added direction signs to Canyonlands new area.
  • Fixed death zones that was peeking inside the play area.
  • Fixed Canyonlands police station blocked doorway.

Orcas Island[]

  • Removed radiation zone from Brighmoore bunker (was never meant to be added)