Update #44 - 12/15/2016 Edit

Game Edit

  • Fixed an issue causing the vehicle running state to be out of sync between clients (aka silent vehicles)
  • Removed some log spam from the server that could slow the server process down
  • Keybinds added to activate accessories on weapons

Items Edit

  • Explosive grenade added
  • Flashbang grenade added
  • Laser sight attachment added
  • Flashlight attachment can only be turned on when attached to a weapon
  • New GPS Map texture - easier to read the coordinates

AI Edit

  • Perception optimisation applied to mutants, deer, wolves - roughly 30% faster
  • Removed glass-like particle effect trigged on AI death

UI Edit

  • Server browser displays list of servers faster

Map Edit

  • Military base item spawns adjusted
  • Military checkpoints added in Northern part of the map
  • Supermarket prefab updated
  • New supermarket added in Hayward Valley
  • Hayward Valley south downtown is now open
  • 2 roof top areas in Hayward Valley are now

Animations Edit

  • Fixed animations when walking or running with the bow
  • Minor improvements to the character blendspace when not holding a weapon
  • Minor improvements to crouch rotations when not holding a weapon
  • Minor fix to rifle ironsight
  • Changed lowered stance poses so left hand doesn't come off weapons during actions like leaning
  • Sitting - can no longer see through walls during transitions (new sitting and transition animations)
  • Step rotates - standing, and crouching step rotates will no longer cause odd arm movements (with and without weapons)
  • Np weapon movement - fixed blendspaces to help with general movement
  • Np weapon movement - Running and sprinting cross left and cross right will have the feet/legs pointing in the correct direction
  • Np weapon movement - General clean up of the nw animation set
  • Rifle/Pistol movement - Reintroduced more back movement into the base set of animations following the SFP update the previous patch. Now less stiff
  • Rifle sprinting - running into walls and going up/down hill will not longer have goofy leg movements
  • Rifle idles - small alteration to standing ironsight idle to help with idle jitters
  • Rifles - changed weaponposes so weapon doesn't turn 90 degrees when changing between lowered and raised stance during jumping
  • Rifles - changes to lowered weaponposes so that left hand doesn't come off weapons whilst using actions like leaning
  • Bow - fixed issue when moving with bow drawn. Bow now doesn't slip out of hand
  • Bow - fixed position of bow when jumping in raised and drawn stances
  • Throwing - base movement altered whilst in the hold back position to correct some arm issues
  • Grenade and flashbang - animations added
  • Throwing items - Fixed arms when running up and down hills
  • Megaphone - radio squelches replaced by button click
  • Potential fix for the player animation when entering a vehicle

Models Edit

  • MK18 - added lods
  • M16 - lods added

Materials/Textures Edit

  • Many updates and adjustments to textures and materials
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