Update #47 - 03/10/2017 Edit

Servers Edit

Game servers can now support up to 50 players. i3d will need to determine how and when increased player counts are supported and released - submit a ticket directly to them.

Game Edit

  • Headshots now work correctly - was fixed on Feb. 23rd on all servers
  • Fixed "ghostshot" issue
  • Increased surface friction for grass - helps prevent corpses from sliding down hills
  • Slightly increased mass of smaller mutants, and animals, so they will sink in water
  • More potential client crashes fixed
  • Opening your inventory while holding an animal now drops the animal
  • Fixed pve damage multipliers for special cases: lug wrench, self damage like falling, starving, bleeding etc

Items Edit

  • Silencers added - works on some pistols and rifles
  • Added craftable candle players can hold
  • Cargo shorts added - many varieties
  • Adjusted all ammo and magazine proxies to be at a minimum 8cm² - helps keep them falling through stuff when dropped
  • Decreased Megalite radius and intensity - helps prevent shadowing issues
  • Decreased tarp/camo netting mass 2kg->1kg
  • Tarps can now stack to 3
  • Decreased paint can stack size 5->2
  • Increased paint can mass 0.5->1.0
  • Fixed some issues with light flares on the headlamp and flashlight at distance
  • Inreased harvest percent change to 100% for both hammer and pickaxe
  • Fixed damage and description for "Her Majesty" baseball bat
  • Map texture updated with all new roads and locations
  • Increased the size of the small generator
  • Renamed Reflex Sight to Holo Sight
  • Diesel jerry can is now visible from further distance

Base Building Edit

  • Increased light radius for the camping lantern, fixed description
  • Increased large candle radius slightly, added lens flare
  • Adjusted light and particle effects on all candles
  • Increased mass of wood walkstairs 12kg->14kg, build time increased 15s->45s, added four lumber as an additional requirement
  • Decreased 0x4x4 walkway mass 12kg->6kg
  • Increased barbed wire construction time 2s->10/20s (2m/4m), decreased mass 2kg->0.5kg
  • Increased pungi build time 10->20s, increased Woodpile requirement to 4, increased mass from 1kg to 5kg
  • Increased punji poison build time 15->30s, increased Woodpile requirement to 4, increased mass from 1kg to 5kg
  • Decreased palisades build time 60->45s, decreased mass from 12kg to 8kg
  • Removed lumber requirement from 0m platforms
  • Added wooden target base part
  • Adjusted height of 3m tire stacks

AI Edit

  • AI have their "give up" radius randomized now to help prevent exploiting the behavior (except wolves, for now)
  • AI will now engage the player again if they have given up chasing a player and they are subsequently attacked

Map Edit

  • Minor adjustments to the airfield area - reduce model clipping, terrain painting issues
  • Few tweaks to gas station prefabs
  • Fixed numerous clipping/floating issues with gas station objects

UI Edit

  • DPI awareness disabled - fixes mouse scaling issues in fullscreen mode
  • Updated m40 magazine icon

Audio Edit

  • Removed windmill creak sound from the radio towers

Animations Edit

  • Fixed some idle animations so footIK is working correctly in crouch
  • Changed woodpaddle idle set up to match everything else
  • Eating and drinking animations added
  • Skin fixes for no sleeve vest around male's right armpit
  • Lookpose changes for when looking left so player's head turns correctly
  • * Fixed issues so emotes work correctly in lowered stance of when using no weapon
  • Added M16, AKM, crafted smg lowered stance fire mode change animation, also added in crouch
  • Adjusted hands up emote so it works better
  • Skin fixes for male torso/chest, and no sleeve vest

Models/Textures/Materials Edit

  • Adjusted hair textures to look better
  • Optimized mesh for Ruger 22 magazine and added LODs
  • Fixed several counter tops that had texture issues
  • Various tree LOD fixes/ optimizations
  • Fixed office corkboard so the textures are correct
  • Added correct "packed" version of canopy and gazebo
  • Adjusted bathroom towel rack textures to look better
  • Flare gun textures improved
  • Optimized female textures
  • Updated textures on the log furniture and log cabin
  • Adjusted a couple of the impact textures for surfaces to be more correct looking
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