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Update #56 - 02/07/2018[]


  • Snow weather chance decreased to 3% now
  • Fixed some issues with snow weather pattern not being synchronized the same on each client
  • Fixed a couple more physics issues
  • Christmas only items no longer spawn, but can still be used if you have them already
  • Steam achievements added (more will be added in future updates)
  • Fixed rain occluder in some mobile homes
  • Disabled water ripple effect except on Very High water setting - performance optimization
  • Minor physics fix
  • Updated shader cache


  • Added boost support to dirt bike so it can do wheelies
  • Tweaked dirt bike handling
  • Adjusted damage model on the dirt bike
  • Increased mass of armored vehicles, slowed steering and increased inertia for more realistic handling
  • Bicycle moved to the two-wheeled physics system - same system the dirt bike uses
  • Disabled wind on vegetation caused by vehicles (slight optimization)

Base Building[]

  • Punching or kicking base parts no longer causes damage to them
  • Bear rug added


  • Decreased damage from pipe bomb
  • Bow sights added for the recurve bow (optic and reflex)
  • Arrow speed and max distance increased
  • Hazmat items added - multiple colors
  • Ghillie suit added
  • Bear meat added (used in crafting)
  • Bear pelt added (used in crafting)
  • Map items updated


  • Hordes will occur less often on servers with fewer players
  • Bear added


  • Fixed a prefab that caused the trash to float above the ground
  • Fixed some bats in caves that would appear above the cave on the ground
  • Added AI exclusion areas for swimming pools
  • Abandoned vehicle prefabs now spawn more car parts
  • Fixed some objects in the sewers that had their draw distance set too low
  • Moved some spiker spawners out of a small building - could cause brutes to spawn inside and become stuck
  • Bear caves added
  • Bear spawns added


  • Bear character added
  • Optic and reflex scope added for the recurve bow
  • Skinning fix for odd pocket deformation on police jacket
  • Fixed disappearing weapons (m40a5, crafted rifle, and crafted smg) when on edge of the camera view
  • Guitar knocking sounds changed to custom sounds
  • Ghillie suit added
  • Hazmat suit, gas mask, and scba air system added
  • Added in female version of the football shoulder pads
  • Fixed minor skinning issue on the police vest
  • Fixed animation when picking up duct tape
  • Sloped movement animations for the two headed dog added


  • Changed the guitar tapping sound to a new sound (was using the wooden door knock sound) - Still use F2-F4 to play songs
  • Decreased volume of some sewer sounds - especially steam


  • Added LODs for dirtbike
  • Fixed shell ejection helper rotation on the Mk18, so shells eject the correct direction
  • Fixed a texture on the apple trees
  • Fixed players being able to jump through a window on the modern family house
  • Fixed a physics proxy issue on the fire department