Update #57 - 03/14/2018 Edit

Game Edit

  • Fixed crash when entering the dirt bike with the lights on (was a client only hotfix released earlier)
  • Tents, campfires, and drying racks can be placed in a clan member's base (in addition to anywhere away from a base)
  • A player picking up/harvesting an item won't cancel another player's crafting action
  • If a player drops any item while crafting then their current crafting action is cancelled
  • Fixed a dupe item glitch
  • Don't allow attacking while sitting
  • Don't allow kicking while sitting
  • Looting some clothing items from a corpse/crate will no longer cause the underlying player's skin mesh to also show
  • Fixes for properly hiding underlying layers of clothing
  • Fixes for several physics issues
  • Special attack key (default T) cannot be used to attack using a melee weapon (use the normal fire/attack key)
  • Updated shader cache to reduce stalls while playing
  • Can now kick and punch while holding binoculars
  • Decreased metal base part mass for improved towing experience

Base Building Edit

  • Upgraded tower added
  • If a cable attach position could not be found then the cable isn't displayed - prevents power cables from going clear across the map
  • Adjusted how base lights are created in code to help eliminate invisible parts (where you could still see the action menu)
  • Fixes for missing base building parts on clients

Items Edit

  • Reduced giant gnome spawn chance
  • Craftable sand bag now uses the sandbag model instead of the generic wooden block
  • Fixed spelling casing on server crafted items
  • Adjusted welding mask overlay
  • Ghillie suit variations added
  • Fixed wool gloves green item description
  • Raincoats added (several color variations)
  • Spiked football shoulder pads added (craftable item)
  • C4 trap added
  • Remove tactical speed reduction for fists (when not wielding a weapon)
  • Decreased tactical speed reduction for Bows
  • Updated texture on map item to show latest map additions

AI Edit

  • Player speed now affects AI visual perception - move slow to be less noticeable
  • AI now correctly scale damage when they are hit based on where you hit them at
  • Mutants can now throw rock when they are in tight spaces
  • Easier to lose mutants when trying to hide from them
  • Improved mutant search behavior after losing target
  • Adjusted AI stimulus level from player footsteps

Map Edit

  • Northeast mountain area near Cape Bay, Clyde Hill and Orca Dam is now open
  • Northeast beach area beyond Cape Bay is now open
  • Added new Radar Dish area
  • Added AI exclusions for Orca Dam lake
  • Map signs placed in the world now display your location on the map
  • Other minor fixes and tweaks to various building prefabs and world object placements
  • Fixed hole in bear cave
  • Optimized bear caves and improved lighting for them
  • Fixed cube map in the Orca dam tunnel (improves lighting there)
  • Fixed several spawner positions on abandoned vehicles and Orca Dam

Audio Edit

  • Attempted fix for audio high-pitch squeal bug. Please provide feedback on Discord if you're still experiencing this bug.

Animations Edit

  • Wolf slope animations added
  • Fixed some blendspace issues with the bear and two-headed dog
  • Fixed LODs for rooster when ragdolling
  • Pickaxe - once over of poses to make sure there is no clipping with the camera
  • MK18 Reaper - change fire mode animations added
  • Axe - some general animation fixes

Models/Textures Edit

  • Optimized dam prefab/area
  • Fixed several missing surface type errors
  • Added LODs for cargo pants on ground models
  • Added LODs for hoodie on ground models
  • Increased roof physics proxy on motel to help prevent playing being able to clip up through it to get on top where they shouldn't be able to

Hotfix #57a - 03/16/2018 Edit

  • Fix for context menu in the UI
  • Reduced weight of raincoats
  • Fixed 10mm ammo so it can't damage bases
  • Fix for wrong tools being able to harvest resources
  • Fix for alt+attack bug
  • Fix to allow F key to be used for harvesting resources

Hotfix #57b - 04/03/18 Edit

  • Melee weapon durability should always decrease while attacking a base
  • Fixed issue that could send too many achievement updates to Steam
  • Fixed issue where bases could keep being validated after all parts had fallen (would essentially lock up servers)
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