Miscreated Wiki



I am a 30 year-old gamer from Finland. I enjoy games of all sorts, but realistic survival games and strategy games have always been close to my heart. My all-time favorites include Jagged Alliance 2, Fallout 1 & 2, Silent Storm, Civilization, Master of Orion 2 and tons of "tycoon" games.

For most of my life I have played great single-player games, but now things are different. I found Miscreated while searching Steam for a good game to play with my fiancée. Our mutual gaming history on the PC includes L4D, L4D2, Borderlands 2, Killing Floor 2 and Warhammer Endtimes: Vermintide. Now it was time to get into a more brutal, realistic experience. Miscreated offered precisely that in spades and has easily become our favorite game to play together.

I have a habit of reading up on games before purchase and between playing sessions to learn all I can about the world. I was rather disappointed in the state of the game's wiki, as it was far from up to date. I completely understand that during the game's alpha stage, the wiki isn't one of the main priorities of the development team. As I currently had a bit of free time, I decided to help out. Who knows, there might be someone like me who is likewise looking for more information and discovers this wiki. I hope that my involvement in maintaining these pages will help that someone enjoy an already great game just a little bit more.

Since I began updating and fixing wiki pages, my gaming has changed a bit. While I play with my fiancée, we enjoy the more social aspects (murder & pillage) of Miscreated. While I play alone, I search missing pieces of the wiki and try to create high quality content, while ducking bullets ingame.