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The Vector is a ranged weapon that fires 10mm Rounds. It can only be equipped in a Primary Slot.


The Vector is a selective-fire, magazine-fed, 10mm submachine gun. It fires up to 15 10mm cartridges from the 15Rnd Vector 10mm magazine.

The Vector features iron sights, and a Picatinny rail for additional weapon accessories. The weapon model also features a folding stock, and an integrated weapon light receptacle above the barrel, although these appear to be purely cosmetic, and unusable.

The Vector also features a fire mode selector, giving users the option to switch between Semi and Rapid (semi and fully automatic, respectively) fire.


Hitbox Damage
Head 490
Torso 49
Upper Arms 24.5
Lower Arms 12.25
Legs 24.5

Two of the most important things to note about Vector are its high rate of fire, as well as its magazine size of 15 rounds. This results in the weapon emptying its magazine very quickly, necessitating more frequent reloads.

Supported Attachments[]

The Vector features 4 attachment slot:

Weapon Skins[]

The following weapon skins are available for the Vector:

Preview (click to enlarge) Description Acquirement
KrissVGamblersCamo 2048.png Vector Gamblers Camo A playing cards camo pattern for the Vector SMG. Random.


  • The Vector is based on the KRISS Vector
  • Prior to the Beta 1.0 update, the default weapon model of the Vector came with a fixed vertical foregrip
  • The Vector's weapon model features a fire mode selector with unselectable two-round burst fire mode
  • The Vector was added to the game in Update #51