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The Vehicle Paint Shop, officially named Spafbi's Paint & Body Shop, is a building in the Junkyard.


Vehicle Paint Shop is located near the main entrance of the Junkyard. It is marked by a  Paintshop.png  icon on the Map.

The Vehicle Paint Shop is a garage in which vehicles can be repainted/reskinned. A vehicle kiosk is located in the building, which displays all the vehicle skins a players owns. It costs amCoins to paint/skin a vehicle, with the price varying based on the skin.


  • The Vehicle Paint Shop is named after Spafbi.
    • Spafbi is a Miscreated Q/A tester, official Miscreated Discord moderator, MisRCON contributor (he builds the Linux releases of the app), creator of Mis-Managed (a private server management and server enhancement service), and all around superfan.
  • The Vehicle Paint Shop's exterior graffiti was provided by The Nomad Clan
  • The Vehicle Paint Shop was added to the game in Update #62